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All rights reserved. The non-commercial (academic) use of this software is free of charge. The only thing that is asked in return is to cite this software when results are used in publications.

Wessa.net offers these software applications free of charge:

Descriptive Statistics SoftwareThis collection of Free Statistics Calculators offers a wide range of descriptive and explorative types of statistical measures and analysis: Central Tendency, Average, Mean, Median, Variability, Interquartile Range, Concentration, Lorenz Curve, Gini Coefficient, Skewness, Kurtosis, Quartiles, Percentiles, Notched Boxplot, Histogram, Correlation, Partial Correlation, Rank Correlation (Spearman and Kendall), Simple Regression, Kernel Density Estimation, Harrell-Davis Quantiles, Bivariate KDE, Correlation Matrix, Stem-and-leaf plot, Explorative Data Analysis
Regression SoftwareThis is a collection of Regression-based types of analysis for single and multiple equations: Multiple Regression Equations, Bias-Reduced Logistic Regression (Firth method), Recursive Partitioning (Classification & Regression Trees), Variance-based Structural Equation Modeling (Partial Least Squares - Path Modeling).
Statistical DistributionsFeatures Random Number Generators, PPCC Plots (incl. Tukey lambda), and Statistical Distribution Fitting Modules (Maximum Likelihood) for a series of important distributions: Beta, Inverted Beta, Cauchy 1, Cauchy (2 parameters), Chi, Chi Square (1 parameter), Chi Square (2 parameters), Erlang, Exponential, Fisher F, Gamma, Inverted Gamma, Gumbel, Laplace, Logistic, Lognormal, Normal, Pareto, Power, Rayleigh, r-Distribution, Rectangular (Uniform), Student t, Triangular, and Weibull.
Statistical Hypothesis Testing SoftwareOffers statistical testing of a variety of hypotheses: Population Mean, Mean (critical value, p-value, type II error, sample size), Skewness/Kurtosis, Quasi Random-Walk
Time Series Analysis (R modules)Performs Univariate Box-Jenkins ARIMA modeling, forecasting, and residual model checking. In future this module will replace the old versions based on C code.
Statistics Education at Simon Fraser University

This section contains various types of Statistics Software for Statistics Education that have been created by Larry Weldon at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.
Statistics Education at Aston University

This section contains various types of Statistics Software for Statistics Education that have been created by Ian Holliday at Aston University, Birmingham, UK.
Mathematical Equation PlotterPlots mathematical equations, statistical distributions, derived functions, cumulative functions, and apply numerical integration. Equations can be formulated in algebraic form, for instance: y=exp(a*sin(x)+b). The equation is sent through an interpreter and the analysis and equation chart is generated (in .png format).
Time Series DatabaseUse this Database to gain access to thousands of time series about financial markets. Note: this application is also available from within our Scientific Forecasting Software.
R modulesAnyone can create, maintain, and publish R-based modules (subject to editorial acceptance) and make them freely available within the Wessa.net framework.

Multiple Regression Software (C module)Performs Multiple Regression Equation Modeling with the following features: Ordinary Least Squares Estimation, Heteroskedasticity tests, Autocorrelation tests, Misspecification tests, Multicollinearity tests, Regression Charts, ANOVA tables, Goodness of Fit, and much more.
Several types of regression will be available in future.

Scientific Forecasting Software (C modules)

Performs Univariate Box-Jenkins ARIMA modeling, forecasting, and various bootstrap simulation methods for the estimation of financial profit density functions according to the following strategies: Buy&Hold, Alexander's Filterrule, truncated Koyck lag-based MACD. Various types of time series analysis tools are available: (Partial) Auto Correlation Function, Spectral Analysis, Variance Reduction Matrix, Standard Deviation-Mean Plot, trimmed Skewness & Kurtosis, suspended rootogram displays, percentiles, concentration, histograms, foreward & backward running autocorrelation, ARMA parameter estimation, and much more.

Sample Size Software(sample size, sample accuracy, confidence interval)
Factor Analysis(Factor Analysis, Principal Components)
Clustering Software(Agglomerative Nesting, Hierarchical Clustering)
Reproducible ExamplesThis module provides access to interesting examples that have been published in articles or textbooks together with all the data and statistical software that is needed to reproduce them. All software is readily available online, and the source code of the underlying analysis can be viewed after successful completion.
Financial Calculators(currency decimal, currency fraction, present value, future value, Black-Scholes option prices, interest payment, principal payment, number of periods, effective interest, nominal interest, Quasi Random-Walk identification, trading performance statistics, etc...)

NEWS FEED from BBC News : Science and Nature
Crayfish and worms may die out togetherA study finds that bizarre, tentacled worms which live attached to crayfish are at risk of extinction - because the crayfish themselves are endangered.
Cattle drugs 'could fuel climate change'Dosing farm animals with antibiotics increases greenhouse gas emissions from cow dung, research suggests.
Exxon 'has to change or die' on climateThe world's biggest publicly traded oil company faces a critical AGM under pressure from a broad coalition of shareholders on climate change.
Solar Impulse aims for PennsylvaniaThe sun-powered aircraft Solar Impulse takes off from Dayton, Ohio, on a 750km flight to Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania.
Yellowstone in 1871 and todayStunning photos of Yellowstone beauty spots in 1871 and today
Evolutionary engineer wins tech prizeUS biochemical engineer Frances Arnold takes the million-euro Millennium Technology Prize for pioneering 'directed evolution'.
Sentinel satellite probes coral healthEuropean scientists are working on techniques that would allow them to routinely monitor the health of corals worldwide from orbit.
Chinese brewed beer 5,000 years agoChinese drinkers may have been brewing beer as many as 5,000 years ago, new research suggests.
Review call over European GM crop banThe ban on GM crops by European countries should be reassessed, the president of UK science body the Royal Society has said.
Fracking approval reignites rowApproval for fracking in North Yorkshire raises the prospect of the controversial technique being allowed at other sites and restarts an intense debate.
Galileo launch for satellites 13 and 14Two more satellites in the Galileo network are launched to orbit, putting the EU's version of GPS on course to start services at the end of the year.
Fossil gives clues to ancient extinctionA strange sea-dwelling reptile fossil suggests there was a burst of evolution after the mass extinction 250 million years ago.
India launches mini space shuttleIndia launches an unmanned model space shuttle into orbit, joining the race to develop reusable space crafts.
Lions and zebras being kept at UK homesWild animals including lions, crocodiles, rattlesnakes and zebras are being kept legally on private property across the UK, licensing figures reveal.
Juries 'could enter virtual crime scenes'Virtual reality technology used in the gaming industry could be utilised to recreate crime scenes for jurors, researchers claim.
Scientist spots Turkish banknote errorNobel chemistry laureate spots DNA error on Turkish banknote.
Solar Impulse aeroplane reaches OhioThe zero-fuel aeroplane, Solar Impulse, has landed in Dayton, Ohio, after flying from Oklahoma on the latest leg of its round-the-world journey.
Two birds yield genetic key to crimsonTwo independent scientific papers identify the same single gene as the cause of red beaks and feathers in birds.
Mini-robot perches like an insectMiniature flying robot that can perch and take off could be used in search and rescue, scientists say.
VIDEO: Storm-chasers film Kansas tornadosA news crew has been filming tornados outside Dodge City in Kansas. At least two people were injured in severe storms.
VIDEO: How this pig helped a man to see againWu Pinggui talks to the BBC after having an operation to transplant a pig's cornea into his eye.
VIDEO: 'Scary but beautiful' lightning on filmDarren Soh, a landscape photographer, creates a composite image that captures the beauty of Singapore's lightning storms.
VIDEO: Building the world's largest radio telescopeBBC science correspondent Rebecca Morelle travels to China to take a close up tour of the Five-hundred-metre Aperture Spherical Telescope - or Fast for short.
VIDEO: What fracking vote means - in 20 secondsAfter a successful bid to frack for shale gas in a North Yorkshire village, John Moylan explains how the process works.
VIDEO: Are 'killer' hornets heading to the UK?They have been dubbed the killer invaders that target bees and have even caused the deaths of several people in France, but has the deadly Asian hornet made it to the UK?
VIDEO: Piece of space history takes the slow routeA gigantic fuel tank, originally built for NASA's space shuttle programme, is making a slow journey through the streets of Los Angeles to its new home.
VIDEO: When eagle owl chick met a humanFootage has captured an eagle owl chick in Croatia meeting a human for the first time.
The gene's still selfish: Dawkins' famous idea turns 40The scientist and author discusses his legacy - and giving up Twitter
China's science revolutionFive glimpses inside China's scientific revolution
Paradise lost in a tourism boomBeautiful places threatened by mass tourism
Bloodhound Diary: Riding four 'gyroscopes'The effects from riding four 'gyroscopes'
Is there any point in planting new trees?Is there any point in planting new trees?
Who is the 'Ivory Queen'?The woman accused of leading one of Africa's biggest smuggling rings

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