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All rights reserved. The non-commercial (academic) use of this software is free of charge. The only thing that is asked in return is to cite this software when results are used in publications.

Wessa.net offers these software applications free of charge:

Descriptive Statistics SoftwareThis collection of Free Statistics Calculators offers a wide range of descriptive and explorative types of statistical measures and analysis: Central Tendency, Average, Mean, Median, Variability, Interquartile Range, Concentration, Lorenz Curve, Gini Coefficient, Skewness, Kurtosis, Quartiles, Percentiles, Notched Boxplot, Histogram, Correlation, Partial Correlation, Rank Correlation (Spearman and Kendall), Simple Regression, Kernel Density Estimation, Harrell-Davis Quantiles, Bivariate KDE, Correlation Matrix, Stem-and-leaf plot, Explorative Data Analysis
Regression SoftwareThis is a collection of Regression-based types of analysis for single and multiple equations: Multiple Regression Equations, Bias-Reduced Logistic Regression (Firth method), Recursive Partitioning (Classification & Regression Trees), Variance-based Structural Equation Modeling (Partial Least Squares - Path Modeling).
Statistical DistributionsFeatures Random Number Generators, PPCC Plots (incl. Tukey lambda), and Statistical Distribution Fitting Modules (Maximum Likelihood) for a series of important distributions: Beta, Inverted Beta, Cauchy 1, Cauchy (2 parameters), Chi, Chi Square (1 parameter), Chi Square (2 parameters), Erlang, Exponential, Fisher F, Gamma, Inverted Gamma, Gumbel, Laplace, Logistic, Lognormal, Normal, Pareto, Power, Rayleigh, r-Distribution, Rectangular (Uniform), Student t, Triangular, and Weibull.
Statistical Hypothesis Testing SoftwareOffers statistical testing of a variety of hypotheses: Population Mean, Mean (critical value, p-value, type II error, sample size), Skewness/Kurtosis, Quasi Random-Walk
Time Series Analysis (R modules)Performs Univariate Box-Jenkins ARIMA modeling, forecasting, and residual model checking. In future this module will replace the old versions based on C code.
Statistics Education at Simon Fraser University

This section contains various types of Statistics Software for Statistics Education that have been created by Larry Weldon at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.
Statistics Education at Aston University

This section contains various types of Statistics Software for Statistics Education that have been created by Ian Holliday at Aston University, Birmingham, UK.
Mathematical Equation PlotterPlots mathematical equations, statistical distributions, derived functions, cumulative functions, and apply numerical integration. Equations can be formulated in algebraic form, for instance: y=exp(a*sin(x)+b). The equation is sent through an interpreter and the analysis and equation chart is generated (in .png format).
Time Series DatabaseUse this Database to gain access to thousands of time series about financial markets. Note: this application is also available from within our Scientific Forecasting Software.
R modulesAnyone can create, maintain, and publish R-based modules (subject to editorial acceptance) and make them freely available within the Wessa.net framework.

Multiple Regression Software (C module)Performs Multiple Regression Equation Modeling with the following features: Ordinary Least Squares Estimation, Heteroskedasticity tests, Autocorrelation tests, Misspecification tests, Multicollinearity tests, Regression Charts, ANOVA tables, Goodness of Fit, and much more.
Several types of regression will be available in future.

Scientific Forecasting Software (C modules)

Performs Univariate Box-Jenkins ARIMA modeling, forecasting, and various bootstrap simulation methods for the estimation of financial profit density functions according to the following strategies: Buy&Hold, Alexander's Filterrule, truncated Koyck lag-based MACD. Various types of time series analysis tools are available: (Partial) Auto Correlation Function, Spectral Analysis, Variance Reduction Matrix, Standard Deviation-Mean Plot, trimmed Skewness & Kurtosis, suspended rootogram displays, percentiles, concentration, histograms, foreward & backward running autocorrelation, ARMA parameter estimation, and much more.

Sample Size Software(sample size, sample accuracy, confidence interval)
Factor Analysis(Factor Analysis, Principal Components)
Clustering Software(Agglomerative Nesting, Hierarchical Clustering)
Reproducible ExamplesThis module provides access to interesting examples that have been published in articles or textbooks together with all the data and statistical software that is needed to reproduce them. All software is readily available online, and the source code of the underlying analysis can be viewed after successful completion.
Financial Calculators(currency decimal, currency fraction, present value, future value, Black-Scholes option prices, interest payment, principal payment, number of periods, effective interest, nominal interest, Quasi Random-Walk identification, trading performance statistics, etc...)

NEWS FEED from BBC News : Science and Nature
Court halts Obama's key climate planPresident Obama's plans to regulate emissions of carbon dioxide from US power plants are stalled by the Supreme Court.
Climate change 'to make flights longer'Flights from the UK to the US could take longer due to the changes in the climate, according to a new study.
Horses recognise human emotionsHorses discriminate between happy and angry human facial expressions, according to research.
Bacteria 'see' like tiny eyeballsBiologists discover how bacteria sense light and move towards it: the entire single-cell organism focuses light like a tiny eyeball.
Water rights 'threaten Spanish wetland'One of Europe's most important wetland areas is under threat say environmentalists as Spain and Catalonia argue about the future of the Ebro river.
India 'meteorite death' to be probedIndian scientists have been asked to examine claims that a man died after being hit by a meteorite in southern Vellore city.
Mutant sperm-factories spread in testesMutant sperm-factories spread in men's testicles as they age to increase the risk of children with genetic diseases, researchers have shown.
'Wrong type of trees' boost warmingScientists say replacing broadleaved species with conifers over the past two centuries has increased global temperatures.
Sixth man on Moon Edgar Mitchell diesUS astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who was the sixth man to walk on the Moon and had an "epiphany" in space, dies at the age of 85.
Bears hibernate 'with bacterial help'A Swedish study suggests that changes in the gut flora of brown bears help them to cope with the weird metabolic demands of hibernation.
Spread of bee disease 'largely manmade'The global honeybee trade is driving a pandemic that threatens hives and wild bees, according to a study.
New tarantula named after Johnny CashAmong 14 newly described species of tarantula is Aphonopelma johnnycashi, which lives near Folsom Prison in California.
New rainforests boost carbon captureSecondary rainforests - if allowed to flourish in the right conditions - can absorb 11 times as much carbon as old-growth rainforests, a study shows.
Colombia warns on Zika baby riskHealth officials in Colombia are warning that as many as 600 babies could be born with microcephaly this year.
Flashes of light may stop jet lagExposure to short flashes of light at night could help travellers adjust to new time zones and avoid jet lag, according to scientists.
Sea lion found in San Diego restaurantA hungry sea lion pup is rescued after finding its way into a restaurant in the US city of San Diego.
Paris deal could 'displace millions'A global deal to limit emissions of carbon dioxide could make millions of forest dwellers homeless, according to a new analysis.
Mystery of 'sock of the deep' solvedA decades-long mystery of a deep-sea creature that resembles a discarded purple sock has been solved, scientists say.
Luxembourg to support space miningThe Luxembourg government has signalled its intention to get behind the 'next industrial revolution' - the mining of asteroids in space.
VIDEO: Meet the mysterious deep-sea 'sock'The mystery of a deep-sea creature that resembles a discarded purple sock has been solved, scientists report.
VIDEO: WHO warns Zika could infect millionsThe World Health Organisation has convened an emergency committee to discuss the spread of the Zika virus, which has been linked to thousands of birth defects in Latin America.
VIDEO: Copying the brain's origami using gelScientists replicate how the human brain folds using a 3D model made out of gel, and computer simulations.
VIDEO: Bite by bite: Shark eats sharkA female sand tiger shark has slowly eaten a smaller male shark in a Seoul aquarium, bite by bite
VIDEO: Chris Packham on polecat comebackPolecats, which were almost wiped out in Britain in the last century, have made a remarkable recovery. Naturalist Chris Packham explains.
VIDEO: Inside Russia's new space portWork is nearing completion on building Russia's new Vostochny space port, designed to replace the Baikonur launch facility in Kazakhstan.
VIDEO: Penguin diary: Charting a year in the lifeVictoria Gill joins a team of scientists as they set up remote cameras to observe penguin colonies in the Antarctic.
VIDEO: 'Ninja eagle' kicks like a muleUK researchers measure the power in the strike of the secretary bird, which hunts by kicking.
Dating dispute over 'oldest Koran'Carbon dating row over 'oldest Koran'
Caves reveal Australia wasteland's secret pastCaves reveal a desert's rainforest past
Winning photos from beautiful gardensWhat is the most beautiful garden photo of the year?
Are humans driving evolution in animals?Is human activity driving evolution in animals?
Stephen Hawking’s second Reith Lecture: Annotated transcriptMore on black holes, from Stephen Hawking's second Reith Lecture
Bloodhound Diary: How fast is your car?The challenge of setting a mini land speed record

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