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Sampling Distribution of the Sample Mean: sdsm() and CLT.unif and CLT.exp. The very difficult concept of the sampling distribution of the sample mean is basic to statistics both for its importance for applications, and for its use as an example of modeling the variability of a statistic. sdsm() defaults uses a sample size of n=25 - it shows what a typical sample looks like relative to the density function (standard normal) and then shows a similarly-scaled diagram with the simulated sampling distribution of the sample mean. The emphasis is on the precision of averages, rather than the normality aspect. The normality from the CLT is easier to understand than the precision-of-averages aspect, and so the latter is the focus here. One can use the program with different sample sizes: sdsm(ssize=10), sdsm(ssize=50), sdsm(ssize=100) can be tried here. To make the point about the normality of the sdsm, use CLT.unif() or CLT.exp(), which use uniform(0,1) or exponential(1) as the population and show the sdsm as approximately normal. The default sample size is 10 but CLT.unif(25) or CLT.exp(25) works for sample size 25 and any other sample size can also be used this way.

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