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This free online software (calculator) computes the critical values for one- and two-sided hypothesis tests about the population proportion. This computation assumes that the number of successes and sample measurements is large enough (normal approximation is used).

In addition the Agresti-Coull approach is used to compute better intervals.

One advantage of this procedure is that its worth does not strongly depend upon the value of n and/or p, and indeed was recommended by Agresti and Coull for virtually all combinations of n and p. Another advantage is that the lower limit cannot be negative.

source: NIST/SEMATECH e-Handbook of Statistical Methods, http://www.itl.nist.gov/div898/handbook/, 2006-11-16.

Finally, the confidence intervals are computed with the Exact (binomial distribution) and the method of Wilson as implemented in the Hmisc package of R.

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Wessa P., (2016), Testing Population Proportion (Critical values) (v1.0.4) in Free Statistics Software (v1.2.1), Office for Research Development and Education, URL http://www.wessa.net/rwasp_hypothesisprop1.wasp/
The R code is based on :
Xycoon, Statistics - Econometrics - Forecasting, Office for Research Development and Education, http://www.xycoon.com/ht_pop_proportion.htm#ex1
NIST/SEMATECH e-Handbook of Statistical Methods, http://www.itl.nist.gov/div898/handbook/, 2006-11-16
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Frank E Harrell Jr and with contributions from many other users. (2006). Hmisc: Harrell Miscellaneous. R package version 3.1-1.
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