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This free online software (calculator) computes a series of graphical tools for the purpose of Explorative Data Analysis. If we consider the model

response = constant + beta * explanatory variable + random component

then the following assumptions can be tested by the use of this software module:

  • are the data autocorrelated? (The model assumes no autocorrelation)
  • is the random component generated by a fixed distribution? (The model assumes a fixed distribution)
  • is the deterministic component constant? (The model assumes that the distribution has a fixed location)
  • does the random component have a fixed variation? (The model assumes a distribution with fixed variation)

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Source code of R module
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Wessa P., (2017), Bivariate Explorative Data Analysis (v1.0.3) in Free Statistics Software (v1.2.1), Office for Research Development and Education, URL https://www.wessa.net/rwasp_edabi.wasp/
The R code is based on :
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