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All rights reserved. The non-commercial (academic) use of this software is free of charge. The only thing that is asked in return is to cite this software when results are used in publications.

Wessa.net offers these software applications free of charge:

Descriptive Statistics SoftwareThis collection of Free Statistics Calculators offers a wide range of descriptive and explorative types of statistical measures and analysis: Central Tendency, Average, Mean, Median, Variability, Interquartile Range, Concentration, Lorenz Curve, Gini Coefficient, Skewness, Kurtosis, Quartiles, Percentiles, Notched Boxplot, Histogram, Correlation, Partial Correlation, Rank Correlation (Spearman and Kendall), Simple Regression, Kernel Density Estimation, Harrell-Davis Quantiles, Bivariate KDE, Correlation Matrix, Stem-and-leaf plot, Explorative Data Analysis
Regression SoftwareThis is a collection of Regression-based types of analysis for single and multiple equations: Multiple Regression Equations, Bias-Reduced Logistic Regression (Firth method), Recursive Partitioning (Classification & Regression Trees), Variance-based Structural Equation Modeling (Partial Least Squares - Path Modeling).
Statistical DistributionsFeatures Random Number Generators, PPCC Plots (incl. Tukey lambda), and Statistical Distribution Fitting Modules (Maximum Likelihood) for a series of important distributions: Beta, Inverted Beta, Cauchy 1, Cauchy (2 parameters), Chi, Chi Square (1 parameter), Chi Square (2 parameters), Erlang, Exponential, Fisher F, Gamma, Inverted Gamma, Gumbel, Laplace, Logistic, Lognormal, Normal, Pareto, Power, Rayleigh, r-Distribution, Rectangular (Uniform), Student t, Triangular, and Weibull.
Statistical Hypothesis Testing SoftwareOffers statistical testing of a variety of hypotheses: Population Mean, Mean (critical value, p-value, type II error, sample size), Skewness/Kurtosis, Quasi Random-Walk
Time Series Analysis (R modules)Performs Univariate Box-Jenkins ARIMA modeling, forecasting, and residual model checking. In future this module will replace the old versions based on C code.
Statistics Education at Simon Fraser University

This section contains various types of Statistics Software for Statistics Education that have been created by Larry Weldon at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.
Statistics Education at Aston University

This section contains various types of Statistics Software for Statistics Education that have been created by Ian Holliday at Aston University, Birmingham, UK.
Mathematical Equation PlotterPlots mathematical equations, statistical distributions, derived functions, cumulative functions, and apply numerical integration. Equations can be formulated in algebraic form, for instance: y=exp(a*sin(x)+b). The equation is sent through an interpreter and the analysis and equation chart is generated (in .png format).
Time Series DatabaseUse this Database to gain access to thousands of time series about financial markets. Note: this application is also available from within our Scientific Forecasting Software.
R modulesAnyone can create, maintain, and publish R-based modules (subject to editorial acceptance) and make them freely available within the Wessa.net framework.

Multiple Regression Software (C module)Performs Multiple Regression Equation Modeling with the following features: Ordinary Least Squares Estimation, Heteroskedasticity tests, Autocorrelation tests, Misspecification tests, Multicollinearity tests, Regression Charts, ANOVA tables, Goodness of Fit, and much more.
Several types of regression will be available in future.

Scientific Forecasting Software (C modules)

Performs Univariate Box-Jenkins ARIMA modeling, forecasting, and various bootstrap simulation methods for the estimation of financial profit density functions according to the following strategies: Buy&Hold, Alexander's Filterrule, truncated Koyck lag-based MACD. Various types of time series analysis tools are available: (Partial) Auto Correlation Function, Spectral Analysis, Variance Reduction Matrix, Standard Deviation-Mean Plot, trimmed Skewness & Kurtosis, suspended rootogram displays, percentiles, concentration, histograms, foreward & backward running autocorrelation, ARMA parameter estimation, and much more.

Sample Size Software(sample size, sample accuracy, confidence interval)
Factor Analysis(Factor Analysis, Principal Components)
Clustering Software(Agglomerative Nesting, Hierarchical Clustering)
Reproducible ExamplesThis module provides access to interesting examples that have been published in articles or textbooks together with all the data and statistical software that is needed to reproduce them. All software is readily available online, and the source code of the underlying analysis can be viewed after successful completion.
Financial Calculators(currency decimal, currency fraction, present value, future value, Black-Scholes option prices, interest payment, principal payment, number of periods, effective interest, nominal interest, Quasi Random-Walk identification, trading performance statistics, etc...)

NEWS FEED from BBC News : Science and Nature
Ancient life 'frozen' by impactsAncient grasses from the Pampas of Argentina were preserved in glass when asteroids struck the area, scientists report.
SpaceX launches station cargo flightUS company SpaceX launches its latest re-supply mission to the International Space Station, sending up a Dragon freighter to rendezvous with the orbiting platform on Sunday.
Female cave insects have 'penises'Female insects with 'penises' have been discovered in Brazil - the first example of an animal with sex-reversed genitalia.
'Most Earth-like planet yet' foundA planet that is close in size to the Earth and that could hold water on its surface has been identified by the Kepler telescope.
EU green light for UK carbon projectA British project to capture CO2 and bury it under the North Sea looks set to receive a 300m-euro boost from the EU.
Birth of 'new Saturn moon' witnessedScientists say they have discovered what could be the birth of a new moon in the rings of Saturn.
EU Sentinel returns first imagesThe first images come back from the radar satellite launched as part of the European Union's new flagship Earth-observation project.
Artists have unique brain structureArtists' brains are structurally different to non-artists in areas relating to fine motor movements and visual imagery, a study finds.
Beard trend 'guided by evolution'The boom and bust of men's beard fashions may mirror Darwinian selection, scientists say.
Early air points to cold, dry MarsScientists use impact craters to work out the characteristics of the air on Mars 3.6 billion years ago.
EU approves alien species blacklistThe European Parliament has approved new legislation to stem the spread of invasive species such as "killer" shrimp or Japanese knotweed.
Double whammy threatens Amazon treesThe combination of fire and extreme weather events could accelerate tree mortality in the Amazon, a study suggests.
Asia pollution drives Pacific stormsAir pollution in China and other Asian countries is having far-reaching impacts on weather patterns across the Northern Hemisphere, a study suggests.
Birds choose best building materialsBirds learn to choose the the best building materials for their nests, rather than building from instinct, say scientists.
Privacy fears over FBI databaseA facial recognition database being built by the FBI could contain over 52m images by 2015 causing concern to privacy campaigners
Americas see 'Blood moon' eclipseSkywatchers in the Americas have caught a rare celestial show caused by the Earth's shadow falling across the Moon.
Hepatitis C trial a 'turning point'A new treatment for hepatitis C cured 90% of patients with the infection in 12 weeks, say scientists after studies in Europe and the US.
Pentagon eyes drone wi-fi hotspotsThe US defence department is working on how to use old drones to provide wi-fi in remote locations, such as on the battlefield.
Airbus wins major weather prizeThe competition to manufacture the next generation of Europe's most important series of weather satellites is won by Airbus Defence and Space.
Doctors implant lab-grown vaginaFour women have had new vaginas grown in the laboratory and implanted by doctors in the US.
Flies manoeuvre like fighter jetsNew research shows that when a threat comes into view fruit flies make split-second turns reminiscent of those made by fighter jets.
Water quality at beaches 'excellent'A record 73% of beaches in the UK have "excellent" water quality because of last summer's dry weather, says the Marine Conservation Society.
Dutch unveil glow in the dark roadStreetlights on a 500m stretch of highway in the Netherlands are replaced by glow in the dark road markings in a pilot project.
Male monkey cares for dying partnerA wild male marmoset is filmed embracing and caring for his dying female partner.
World must end 'dirty' fuel use - UNA long-awaited report on how to curb climate change says the world must rapidly move away from carbon-intensive fuels.
Germany's green dreams meet harsh realityAs the UN's climate panel meets in Berlin, Germany's fossil fuel industry is as busy as ever, reports David Shukman.
Call to review pet rabbit protectionPet rabbits need better legal protection in the UK, according to an animal welfare researcher.
New London Zoo cubs in 'rude health'Six months after a rare tiger cub died, London Zoo's new triplet cubs have been given a clean bill of health.
Female osprey returns to Lakes nestA female osprey which produced two chicks last year returns to the same nest in the Lake District.
Cameras capture first osprey eggCCTV cameras capture the first osprey egg of the season to be laid at a reserve in the south west of Scotland.
VIDEO: Footage of rare 'blood moon' eclipsePeople in the Americas have been treated to a rare "blood moon" lunar eclipse. Jonathan Amos explains the science behind the colour change.
VIDEO: Water voles fighting back in SussexThe number of water voles has declined by a fifth in the UK since 2011, recent figures suggest. But in one small part of Sussex, the water vole is surviving as Roger Finn reports.
VIDEO: The end of the beard is nighThe end of the beard is nigh - not according to fashion stylists, but to evolutionary biologists.
VIDEO: 'Most Earth-like planet yet' foundA planet that is close in size to the Earth and that could hold water on its surface has been identified by the Kepler telescope.
VIDEO: How to pack a dinosaur for a moveHow to prep dinosaur remains for a 2,000 mile road trip
VIDEO: World 'must end dirty fuel use'A long-awaited UN report on how to curb climate change says the world must rapidly move away from carbon-intensive fuels.
VIDEO: The films making science captivatingDavid Reid travels to the Cern institute in Switzerland to find out how film-makers are helping to make science stories more accessible to the public.
VIDEO: Below deck of Syria chemical destroyerTime is fast running out for Syria to hand over its chemical weapons stocks, the international body in charge of their destruction says.
Chlorine: From toxic chemical to household cleanerThe element that makes a familiar smell when mixed with urine
Fire ice: The energy of the future?Could mining ice provide for all our energy needs and save the world?
Sweet or sour? Duping our taste budsWould this dessert taste different on a black plate?
A 13-year-old eagle huntress in MongoliaA 13-year-old catching foxes with her golden eagle
How to move a T-Rex dinosaurMoving a dinosaur skeleton across the US
What was the mysterious black ring in Leamington Spa?Just what is the black ring in Leamington Spa?
'Blood moon' eclipse in AmericasYour photos across the Americas of lunar eclipse
The IPCC and the elephant in the roomHow legacy of Elvis shaped latest UN climate report
Climate fears over Colombia droughtColombia's Casanare region ill-prepared for drought
10 inventions that owe their success to World War One...and nine other inventions that owe their success to WW1
Mini-sub starts search for MH370 wreckageMapping the ocean floor where missing Malaysian jet may be
UN dilemma over 'Cinderella' technologyWhy isn't plan to remove CO2 from atmosphere catching on?
Cities on frontline of climate change struggleCities on frontline of climate change struggle
VIDEO: Global solar-powered plane unveiledSecrets of the solar-powered plane set to fly around the world
Between the covers of Evelyn's SylvaThe 1664 book that changed the landscape of Britain
A shark cull divides a nationIs a shark cull the right way to deal with attacks on humans?

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